5 Broncos who have made themselves a lot of money in 2023

Which Broncos players have made a lot of money in 2023?

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3. Lloyd Cushenberry III, Center

There are plenty of great rags to riches stories in the NFL every year, but there are few as great in Denver right now as the turnaround we're seeing from Lloyd Cushenberry III.

The Broncos' starting center was given a very odd and almost offensive vote of confidence from the new coaching staff this offseason. Whatever Sean Payton and offensive line coach Zach Strief identified from Cushenberry on tape as far as his ability to hold up and excel as a starter, they were really the only ones seeing it. Even the previous coaching regime left a healthy Cushenberry on injured reserve late last season when they had the chance to bring him back.

It felt like Cushenberry could have been easily replaced all offseason, but the Broncos didn't dive into a very shallow center market, they didn't draft anyone until round 7 (Alex Forsyth), and Cushenberry has done an outstanding job.

Maybe offensive line coach Zach Strief deserves more credit as a possible assistant coach of the year. We're seeing Quinn Meinerz have the best year of his career, and both Garett Bolles and Lloyd Cushenberry III play at an elite level after they landed on season-ending IR in 2022.

Cushenberry has made himself some money with his efficiency as a pass protector and the Broncos have consistently applauded Cushenberry for his intelligence, even when he was seemingly overmatched at times physically. He could parlay this season into a nice, fat contract.