5 Broncos who deserve blame after brutal loss to Texans

Who is to blame for the Denver Broncos' gross loss against the Texans in Week 13?

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3. Russell Wilson, QB

We're going to have to talk about the elephant in the room, because Russell Wilson played the worst game we've seen from him in quite some time. Over the course of this winning streak for the Broncos, Russell Wilson had been playing relatively mistake-free football with some clutch performances and big-time throws when the Broncos needed them the most.

There wasn't a consistent enough passing game even during the winning streak, but the offense did what it needed to to get the team five straight wins.

Well, against Houston, the Broncos didn't have the benefit of 3-5 extra possessions offensively and they were forced to compensate by attacking a little bit more with the passing game, and pushing the ball downfield. That unfortunately resulted in Russell Wilson throwing three interceptions, one off of a tipped pass, one in desperation, and another one on a ball that probably could have had a little more heat on it from Russell Wilson.

Wilson threw three interceptions in this game against Houston, and certainly had some great plays both as a passer and runner, but missed opportunities and bad plays are defining this game for Russ.

Russell Wilson understands that he can't put the ball into harm's way, and his turnovers were a major reason why the Broncos dropped this game. Not that interceptions are ever timely, but each one of the three picks Wilson threw in this game came in the second half of a game where you're already trying to claw your way back in.

The Broncos punted on six of their first seven possessions in this game, and a lot of that is on Russ. The team also failed to punch the ball in for a touchdown before the end of the first half on their best drive (to that point) in the game.