5 Broncos who are off limits at the trade deadline

Which Denver Broncos players should not be available at the NFL trade deadline?

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2. Pat Surtain II, CB

I have entertained the idea of the Denver Broncos trading cornerback Pat Surtain II, and there are some aspects of it that could make sense. First of all, Surtain is the team's most valuable player right now in terms of what he could land them in a hypothetical trade. He's got two years left on his current deal including a 5th-year option in 2025. He's not just one of the best young cornerbacks in the NFL, but arguably the best corner in the NFL, period.

Surtain could probably net the Broncos multiple first-round picks and then some in a trade, and those types of assets in the NFL Draft could ultimately help reshape this roster. But as good as that trade return may be, Surtain is also probably just too good to trade for what could end up just being late first-round picks.

The Broncos are more likely looking at Surtain in the long-term as a player they will be willing to pay a big-money contract, and they likely figure they can surround him with the proper talent to make him more effective in the next year or two as opposed to trading him away now.

And I don't disagree with that thinking. Star corners like Surtain built with outstanding size and athletic ability don't grow on trees, and he exemplifies everything you want to see in a true pro. He's a true building block for the future.