5 Broncos still on thin ice after surviving trade deadline

Which Denver Broncos players are still on thin ice, even after surviving the trade deadline?

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The NFL trade deadline came and went without the Denver Broncos making a single move. And of course, I say that knowing that before the deadline, the Broncos did make a move to get rid of Randy Gregory and trade him to the 49ers. But as far as the week of and leading up to the trade deadline, the Broncos were quiet despite the rumor mill consistently focusing on Broncos players over the last handful of weeks.

Moving beyond the NFL trade deadline now, which Broncos players could be considered on "thin ice" even after the team's decision to stick with their current roster? Which players could be looking over their shoulder on the depth chart if they don't pick things up in terms of their overall play?

Let's take a look all across the roster to answer those questions.

5 Denver Broncos players on thin ice after trade deadline

1. Greg Dulcich/tight ends

Even though the Denver Broncos didn't make any trade deadline moves to acquire any help at the tight end position, I still think you could consider Greg Dulcich on "thin ice" as far as his future role with this team. Dulcich has been dealing with hamstring injuries since June of 2022, and those injuries have completely derailed the Denver Broncos' passing attack as it relates to the tight end position.

None of Adam Trautman, Chris Manhertz, or rookie Nate Adkins have proven to be capable, consistent options in the passing game for the Broncos. Practice squad player Lucas Krull, whose athleticism is intriguing, hasn't gotten an opportunity in a real game yet.

I think even though the Broncos didn't make any moves at tight end at the deadline, Dulcich and maybe even some of the other guys could be considered on thin ice, and the team could consider looking to Lucas Krull or someone else from the outside to provide a spark.