5 Broncos players who need to be gone before 2024 season

There is no denying that these players need to be gone before the 2024 season begins.

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The Denver Broncos need to begin erasing the mistakes made by past decisions and front office figures. These five players need to be gone before the 2024 NFL Season begins. I think the Broncos could certainly move other players that aren't on this list. One of the most obvious players who needs to be gone in 2024 is Russell Wilson.

He has been one of the most popular players thus far, as the Broncos will have to make a major decision on his future in the coming weeks. And with Denver needing to free up cap space, they might cut other players along with Wilson. Fortunately, the Broncos can actually free up a good bit of cap space and could find themselves with $30 million or more in available space.

It's not hard for them to create cap space this offseason. Among the various roster moves the team can make, these five players should most definitely not return.

1. DJ Jones, DL

DJ Jones is just one of many free agency misses by George Paton. I am truly not sure what Jones is getting paid $10 million per year to do. He provides virtually no pass rush threat from the defensive interior and just feels like empty calories along the DL. Jones' game is all about stopping the run, and obviously, the Broncos DL is more than just DJ Jones, but the team was one of the worst run defenses in the NFL this past season.

The personnel up front simply isn't good enough, and DJ Jones is an average player making above-average money. The Broncos can save nearly $10 million by cutting him in 2024, and he has no more guaranteed money left on his deal. This should be one of the first moves they make.