5 Broncos players on the hot seat entering OTAs in 2024 season

Which Broncos players are on the hot seat entering OTAs?
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4. Riley Moss, cornerback

Just like last year, the Denver Broncos seem to be putting a lot of pressure on their young players at the cornerback position. They waited until training camp last year to sign Fabian Moreau, but they brought in a "floor raiser" early in the 2024 offseason by signing Levi Wallace, who has started a lot of games in this league.

A player like Riley Moss is going to have to beat out a veteran like Levi Wallace for a starting job, but the Broncos could have aimed higher at his position and they are banking on Moss's development.

Either that, or they are banking on someone like Damarri Mathis coming back into the mix. But the 2023 third-round pick out of Iowa is someone the Broncos were forced to redshirt last year because of injury. He played special teams (and played well there) as well as defensively late in the year, but he's under a lot of pressure to become a full-time starter in 2024.

5. Riley Dixon, punter

The Denver Broncos might be looking for ways to save cash any way they can this year, and they could save $1.735 million on the salary cap if they cut him this offseason.

And it's not impossible to think they could do exactly that.

One of the most recent additions to the Broncos' roster is former Bears 7th-round pick Trenton Gill. Gill was replaced this offseason by 4th-round pick Tory Taylor and is still just 25 years old. The Broncos are putting Dixon in an offseason competition and Gill is going from the horrid conditions of Chicago to the thin air of Denver.