5 Broncos on the hot seat if Denver falls to 1-5 on Thursday

Jobs could (and should) be on the line for the Denver Broncos

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5. Everyone on defense

I don't care if you're a starter or not, everyone on the Denver Broncos defense will be on the hot seat after this Kansas City game if the team falls to 1-5.

Starting with the defensive line, where the Denver Broncos have multiple high-priced free agents. These guys simply have to be more gap disciplined, and they have to stop allowing teams to gash them on the ground every single week. The defensive line play has been bad, but you could also say the linebackers are getting too easily washed out of plays as well.

Last year, we saw Josey Jewell and Alex Singleton flying to the football almost every single play. Where has that been this year? These guys are getting eaten up by blockers way too easily and it's resulted in the Broncos getting torched against the run pretty much weekly.

How about in the secondary? The Broncos' secondary has already gotten a bit of a makeover with the team straight-up cutting Essang Bassey. But players like Damarri Mathis and Kareem Jackson could be on the hot seat if things don't improve soon. What about Justin Simmons? Simmons has been hurt a bit, and played through it against the Jets, but he might be a victim of circumstance if the team can't find a way to beat the Chiefs.


Ultimately, I don't think anyone defensively should be safe if the Broncos can't beat Kansas City on Thursday night.

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