5 Broncos on the hot seat if Denver falls to 1-5 on Thursday

Jobs could (and should) be on the line for the Denver Broncos

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4. Russell Wilson, QB

If the Broncos lose to the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday night, I think Russell Wilson will start to shoulder more of the blame for the team's struggles. Russ is statistically playing great this season. He looks much more like the guy we once saw in Seattle. The problem is, Russ's margin for error is basically non-existent at this point, and we've seen that fleshed out in a handful of the team's games this season.

Go back to Week 2 vs. Washington when the Broncos were up by a score of 21-3. Russell Wilson fumbles the ball while trying to get out of the pocket and the Commanders recovered, eventually scored, and got right back in the game. Russ also threw an interception in that game on what appeared to be a communication issue with the receiver.

Go back just this past weekend against the Jets, where the Broncos took an extremely conservative approach with the football. We saw them do something very similar in Week 1 against the Raiders where it appeared as though they were trying to limit the effectiveness of the pass rush by limiting downfield passing attempts. They did just that, and it didn't really work in their favor.

Is the coaching staff putting enough trust in Russ to let it rip? If we don't see that in Week 6 against the Chiefs, I wonder if Russ might actually be on the hot seat.