5 bridge quarterback options for the Denver Broncos in 2024

Will Jarrett Stidham be the stopgap, bridge QB for the Broncos in 2024?

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2. Jimmy Garoppolo

I can already hear people now, "We don't need another veteran retread! Jimmy Garoppolo sucks!" Well, the argument for Garoppolo is actually pretty strong.

Firstly, Garoppolo has played a lot of high-stakes football. He enjoyed a pretty solid career as the San Francisco 49ers' starter, going 38-17 in 55 total starts in the regular season. He also played in six playoff games with the team, going 4-2 in those starts and playing in a Super Bowl.

Secondly, he's been a backup QB to a young passer multiple times over his career. He backed up Trey Lance in 2022 and has most recently backed up Aidan O'Connell in Las Vegas this year. He's not new to the idea of being behind a young and developing passer.

Thirdly, what Garoppolo does well is something that would translate nicely into Sean Payton's offenses. He's an accurate passer, completing over 67% of his passes over his career. He also gets the ball to his playmakers and is someone who has shown the ability to get the ball out quickly. He's obviously not coming in to the Broncos to be a franchise passer, but he's got the ability to start for a reason if the Broncos wanted to go that route.

He isn't going to cost a ton either in 2024. He is under contract for another couple of seasons in LV, but I think it's very likely that he gets cut. And as an added bonus, he and Sean Payton both went to Eastern Illinois, so they share the same college. Jimmy G in Denver is not as crazy as it sounds.