5 biggest cap hits on the Denver Broncos roster for the 2024 NFL Season

Who have the highest cap hits on the Denver Broncos for 2024?
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2. Garett Bolles - $20 million

Garett Bolles has a modest $20 million cap hit for the 2024 NFL Season. For being a top-12 left tackle in the NFL, this is a fine number. The interesting thing here is that Bolles, who has been with the Denver Broncos since being drafted back in the 2017 NFL Draft, is set to be a free agent next offseason.

He is entering his age-32 season in the NFL but has shown no signs of slowing down, but in fact played the second-best football of his career. His insane 2020 season is the best year he's played in the NFL. The Broncos would be wise to sign Garett Bolles to a two-ish year extension. This would free up some cap space as well, which is always a good thing.

The Broncos should ensure that Garett Bolles can finish his career with the Denver Broncos, but I guess if Bolles does not want to be with the team beyond 2024, an extension might not get done.

1. Russell Wilson - $53 million

The Denver Broncos will be taking on the bigger bulk of the Russell Wilson dead cap hit in the 2024 NFL Season, and that totals up to $53 million, which is huge. However, the dead cap charge drops to $32 million in 2025, and after next season, the contract is totally off the books, so people saying that this contract put the Broncos back years are not correct.

Oh well; the Russell Wilson era did not work, and now the Broncos have to live with it for a little bit. The Broncos could be a surprise team in 2024, and if rookie QB Bo Nix is successful, no one will give a rip about Russell Wilson's contract. It was a premature extension that the Broncos should never have done, and now they have to live with it.

Sean Payton likely took the Broncos HC job knowing that he'd have to make it work with Russell Wilson for at least one season, and the team did manage to win eight games in 2023, so it's not like they were bad by any means. An improved roster, especially at quarterback, should help the Broncos potentially finish with a winning record in the 2024 NFL Season.