5 best remaining free agents for the Denver Broncos to target

The Denver Broncos have already missed out on a ton of free agents that would have fit their current situation. Well, there are quite a few left that still make sense for them.

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4. Sheldon Rankins, DT

Another player drafted by Sean Payton, Sheldon Rankins was on the Houston Texans this year and continues to be a rock-solid football player who'd be a welcome addition on defense. For some reason, DJ Jones is still on the roster, and that's truly a shame. Rankins would likely be a hair cheaper and is a better football player.

In 2023 with the Texans, he racked up six sacks, nine tackles for loss, and 10 QB hits in 15 games. DJ Jones can only dream of that kind of production, and Jones just isn't someone who provides much of a pass-rush threat from the interior. Sheldon Rankins has experience with Sean Payton and would be a nice addition for the Denver Broncos.

5. DJ Reader, DT

The Denver Broncos apparently had interest in DJ Reader before be signed with the Cincinnati Bengals on a four-year deal back in 2020.  Well, now that Reader is a free agent, the Broncos should not hesitate to bring him in. 

Honestly, Reader is a bigger and better version of DJ Jones, who the Broncos currently have not cut for some reason. He's not much of a pass-rush threat, but his 6'3", 330-pound frame eats space along the defensive interior, and the Broncos run game was putrid last year, so Reader would likely be a huge upgrade over DJ Jones. 

The Broncos have missed out on DL talent like Javon Kinlaw, Bryce Huff, and Jonathan Grennard, so they need to act quickly to shore up this unit for 2024 and beyond.