5 best remaining free agents for the Denver Broncos to target

The Denver Broncos have already missed out on a ton of free agents that would have fit their current situation. Well, there are quite a few left that still make sense for them.

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2. CJ Gardner-Johnson, S

Even though the Denver Broncos signed Brandon Jones and re-signed PJ Locke III, I think CJ Gardner-Johnson still has a place in the defense. Gardner-Johnson can play safety, closer to the line of scrimmage in a hybrid linebacker role, and can even line up in the slot. He's truly a do-it-all, versatile player who was drafted by Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints back in 2019.

He was on a one-year deal with the Detroit Lions this past season and is someone who'd immediately help out the Broncos defense.

3. Jeremy Chinn, S, LB, Everything!

Jeremy Chinn has played linebacker and safety during his NFL career and was best when he played close to the line of scrimmage. The nephew of Steve Atwater, it almost makes too much sense for the Denver Broncos to make this signing. Between his first two years in the NFL, Chinn racked up 224 total tackles, eight tackles for loss, 10 QB hits, and 10 passes defended.

Adding another swiss army knife player into this defense would really make life hard for opposing offenses, and to make matters better, he likely won't be expensive and just turned 26. Someone is going to sign Jeremy Chinn, and someone is going to get a very good football player. The Broncos need to make this move happen.