5 best backup quarterbacks in Denver Broncos history

The Denver Broncos have had some outstanding backup quarterbacks throughout the team's history, including former head coach Gary Kubiak.
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2. Bubby Brister, 1997-1999

Bubby Brister doesn't get nearly enough credit for being one of the best backup QBs in Denver Broncos history, and he doesn't get nearly enough credit for being one of the team's most important players in the 1998 Super Bowl-champion squad.

Brister was called into action during the 1998 season for seven games, four of which were starts. The 1998 Denver Broncos were so dominant that many people don't even realize John Elway missed significant time that season.

In Brister's four starts, the Broncos went 4-0, which is the most important stat. But he also threw 10 touchdowns compared to just three interceptions and logged the highest touchdown percentage of his NFL career at 7.6..

Brister was previously a full-time starter for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and his experience at the age of 36 came into play that year for the Broncos. Not only did Brister show well as a passer in John Elway's stead, but he also recorded more than 100 rushing yards and a rushing touchdown.

During his time with the Denver Broncos, Bubby Brister won two rings as a member of the back-to-back champion rosters. He ended up not getting the starting gig in 1999 despite his impressive four-game stretch as Mike Shanahan was ready to move on to former draft pick Brian Griese instead.