4 underrated, important role players on Denver Broncos in 2023

There are some important but underrated role players all throughout the Denver Broncos roster. We take a look at four, including CB Essang Bassey.
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Denver Broncos underrated, important role players in 2023

4. Chris Manhertz, TE

Over the course of the offseason, the Broncos did a little makeover to the tight end room. They let players like Eric Tomlinson and Eric Saubert leave while bringing in guys like Adam Trautman and Chris Manhertz.

Manhertz is one of the most fascinating players in the league.

He's played over 100 games and only has 24 career receptions. Over the last three years, Manhertz's role has increased substantially with both Carolina and Jacksonville, where he's been averaging about 440 snaps per season offensively. To play that many snaps offensively and only catch a couple of passes?

We all know what Manhertz is here in Denver to do. The 6-foot-6, 255-pound mauler at the tight end position is an extension of the offensive line. Not just in the running game, but in pass protection as well.

Manhertz is a veteran who will not only upgrades your offense but special teams, too. He played 155 special teams snaps for the Jaguars last season and has added value in that phase of the game.

When you talk about underrated but important players, especially those who don't get properly recognized, Manhertz is one of the best possible examples. A lot of fans didn't even know this guy was an NFL player when he signed a two-year deal with the Broncos, but the more you watch him play and the more you hear people talking about him, the more you can't help but think this is going to be a massively important pickup for Denver.

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