4 quarterbacks the Broncos can draft to replace Russell Wilson

With Russell Wilson reportedly out in 2024, here are 4 quarterbacks the Denver Broncos could consider in the NFL Draft

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2. Michael Penix, Jr., Washington

If we thought Bo Nix was around for a long time, he has nothing on Michael Penix. The former Indiana starting quarterback spent four seasons with the Hoosiers from 2018-2021. He had some good moments for them but was never a star. He finished with 4,197 yards passing and just 29 touchdowns against 15 picks.

He then transferred to Washington where the light bulb went off. All the potential we saw during his days in Indiana finally turned into production. Penix went for 8,859 yards with 64 touchdowns and just 17 picks in two years for the Huskies.

One thing that could hurt Penix is his throwing motion, which is considered unorthodox. Still, he can push it downfield with the best of them and has one of the strongest arms in this class. He's also mobile even though he doesn't take off and run a lot but instead looks to keep the play alive and find the open wideout.

Sean Payton would surely love to work with someone who can throw the ball the way Penix does and the Broncos would potentially be able to land him without having to move up. That would be ideal for them since they do need to add talent to the roster.