4 potential cap casualties that Broncos must sign in 2024

One team's trash is another team's treasure!

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Alvin Kamara, RB, New Orleans Saints

Sean Payton has poached coaches and players from the New Orleans Saints during his short tenure with the Denver Broncos thus far. Another player that the Broncos could potentially poach is Alvin Kamara, who was a draft pick of the Saints back in 2017.

Kamara has been one of the best dual-threat running backs of this generation, frankly. And he had another strong season in 2023, rushing for 694 yards and having 466 receiving yards. Kamara has had at least 1,100 scrimmage yards every year of his career. With 5,829 rushing yards and 4,219 receiving yards, Alvin Kamara is a QBs' best friend.

Well, the Denver Broncos could benefit from improving their backfield in 2024, so why not bring in Kamara if he is cut? The Saints could save over $11 million on their 2024 cap number, and once again, they are way over that figure.