4 potential cap casualties that Broncos must sign in 2024

One team's trash is another team's treasure!

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The Denver Broncos are probably going to bring in cheaper free agents this offseason, and they should have their eyes on a few cap casualties. Cap casualties happen every year in the NFL when free agency begins. For certain players, their performance does not end up matching their contract.

And in many instances, those cap casualties end up on new teams and can contribute. Between age, declining performance, and injury concerns, we will yet again see many teams cut ties with some players to get some cap relief, and this is going to be especially true for teams that are currently over the 2024 NFL cap number.

I think there could be a handful of cap casualties across the NFL in 2024 that the Denver Broncos should take a look at.

Joey Bosa, EDGE, Los Angeles Chargers

According to Over The Cap, the Los Angeles Chargers are over $45 million over the 2024 cap number. And with them recently hiring Jim Harbaugh, reshaping the roster in his image will soon take place. A very good but oft-injured player is Joey Bosa, who was the team's top pick in 2016. Bosa has played just two full seasons over his career, which is unfortunate given how talented he is.

Bosa's career highs are 12.5 sacks, 18 tackles for loss, and 31 QB hits. When healthy, there aren't five better pass rushers in the NFL, I don't think. It does seem like the Chargers are continually being bit by the injury bug, so maybe they have something off internally.

Bosa's cap hit in 2024 is over $36 million, and I don't see how the Chargers would be able to trade an oft-injured player on a huge contract. The Chargers could save $22 million by cutting Bosa in 2024, which is nearly half of their cap overage.

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