4 possible quarterback options for Denver Broncos in 2024

What will the Denver Broncos do with their QB room in 2024?

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Scenario 3: Russell Wilson gets cut, team signs bridge QB and drafts first-round QB

The last two scenarios see Russell Wilson being shown the door after just two years as the Denver Broncos starting QB. It would be a major move regardless of how the season ends. In this third scenario, the Broncos take a more controlled approach to finding a long-term passer. The first move as I said would be to cut (or even trade if they found a partner) Wilson, invest in a bridge quarterback like Baker Mayfield, Jameis Winston, Ryan Tannehill, or someone else like that, and also end it with a first-round QB in 2024.

This would give the Denver Broncos serviceable enough QB play with the veteran addition, perhaps keeping them afloat, but at some point in 2024, the Broncos would surely trot out their rookie passer. Lots of NFL teams have done this recently. The Kansas City Chiefs kind of did it with Alex Smith/Patrick Mahomes.

The Los Angeles Chargers were about to do it with Tyrod Taylor/Justin Herbert before Herbert was forced into the lineup. The Baltimore Ravens did it with Joe Flacco/Lamar Jackson, too. The idea behind operating this way with the QB room is that the young passer can sit and watch how a more seasoned veteran goes about his business. The rookie QB ideally absorbs as much information as he can until he's eventually given a starting shot.

This would likely be a bit of a re-tooling year for the Broncos, as you don't typically see these teams winning a ton of games, but the Denver Broncos might be in this scenario next year.