4 possible quarterback options for Denver Broncos in 2024

What will the Denver Broncos do with their QB room in 2024?

Denver Broncos v Houston Texans
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Scenario 2: Russell Wilson returns, but a mid-round rookie QB is added to the mix

The hit rate on mid-round QBs, or QBs taken outside the first round is pretty low. Dak Prescott was a fourth-round pick. Brock Purdy was a seventh-round pick. Who else is there? Kirk Cousins was a mid-round pick. There aren't a ton of QBs not taken in the first round who are currently starting. Russell Wilson was a third-round pick.

Anyway, I do think the Broncos could find a potential long-term QB option in the middle rounds. It's possible, and Sean Payton has a solid draft history, so I would trust him as an established offensive mind to bring a young rookie QB in. I think Jarrett Stidham would stick around here, but I could see a scenario where he'd be demoted to the third-string or even outright cut if the rookie QB shows promise.

This would make Russell Wilson's seat a bit warmer in 2024, and would give the Broncos an "out" with Wilson at the end of the season, when it'd be much easier to move on from him financially. I don't think Sean Payton is actively wanting to cut his starting QB, but I do think he wants to tweak the room a bit next year.

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