4 players who are definitely entering their final year as Broncos in 2024

Which players are entering their final years as Broncos in 2024?
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4. Courtland Sutton, WR

We just can't quit talking about the future of Courtland Sutton, can we?

Part of the reason why Sutton is not pleased with his current contract situation is the fact that if nothing changes, he's sort of low-hanging fruit to be let go in the 2025 offseason. He's set to account nearly $18 million against the Broncos' salary cap with just under $4 million in dead cap. The Broncos could save $14 million by getting his deal off the books.

For Sutton, he wants the added security of some more guaranteed money this year (at least) if the Broncos are just going to cut him loose next offseason when he has no guaranteed money left on his deal. One way or another, it's hard to see Sutton returning to Denver with a near-$18 million cap hit in 2025, which is why I put him on this list.

Until something changes with Sutton's contract going forward, it's probably safe to assume he won't be around beyond this season. The Broncos would be committing to a 30-plus-year-old receiver at nearly $18 million and that doesn't make any sense unless Sutton goes out and has another year in 2024 like we saw from him in 2019. But even then, that was going on five years ago now. Times have changed.

The tough part about this situation is that Tim Patrick is also slated to hit 2025 NFL free agency. The Broncos will be in a position at this time next year where the top receivers on the team could be Josh Reynolds, Marvin Mims, and Troy Franklin depending on what else happens.

We could potentially see another light reset or at least one big-money addition that is younger than either Sutton or Patrick.