4 moves crushing Broncos playoff hopes in 2023

The Denver Broncos are falling apart down the stretch and these 4 moves are to blame

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2. Signing Mike McGlinchey

Mike McGlinchey was a stud for the San Francisco 49ers during his five seasons with the team. The cousin of former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, McGlinchey had NFL bloodlines and surprised no one with hie excellent play.

Denver, who needed offensive line help, was impressed enough with his tape that they signed him to a massive five-year deal worth $87.5 million. Through 15 games, he's been less than expected, especially when it comes to pass protection. He's admitted there's stuff he needs to clean up but the issues continue to haunt this team.

“You’ve just got to take the emotion out of it, take the noise out of it, take what everybody outside the building’s saying out of this, because the film is never as good as you think, and it’s never as bad,” McGlinchey said following a loss to the Texans. "There’s some things there that I definitely want to clean up — and definitely need to clean up for us to be successful. But there also is a lot of good in that, too."

While he's right the film is never as good — or bad — as it seems, he's also not living up to his massive contract. The Broncos paid him to be an elite right tackle and at this point, he's ranked 39th in the league by PFF.