4 free agent running backs with ties to Broncos coaching staff

Sayre Bedinger
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2. Kareem Hunt, Cleveland Browns

Kareem Hunt's effectiveness on a per-touch basis really diminished significantly in 2022. He wasn't breaking as many tackles as he once did, which caused his yards per carry average to go way down and perhaps his NFL free agency value as well.

The connection for Hunt with the Denver Broncos now is running backs coach Lou Ayeni, who was Hunt's position coach in college at Toledo. As a matter of fact, the bio for Ayeni on Northwestern's athletics site states that Ayeni was a "mentor" to Hunt while at Toledo, and also helped recruit him to play for the Rockets.

Rivals.com confirms that Ayeni was one of the top recruiters for Hunt when he was coming out of the high school ranks in the class of 2013.

Now, does this mean Hunt is guaranteed to come to Denver? It doesn't, but it certainly seems to give him a really good chance. A lot of people in Broncos Country would likely be opposed to the idea of Hunt just based on his past, and that's understandable. Even with that in consideration, however, Hunt hasn't been in any more trouble with the league since he signed with Cleveland and a reunion with Ayeni could be good for him.

Hunt will be 28 this season, so a modest one-year deal might be worth the risk, football-wise.