4 Free Agent running backs the Broncos should still sign

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Ezekiel Elliott a fit for the Denver Broncos

If the Broncos are to bring in Zeke Elliott, that would say a ton about how healthy the team truly feels Javonte Williams is. However, in the case that Williams is not healthy for Week One, they'll need a true number one back, and Zeke could pose as a solid one-year solution to that problem. Recently cut loose by the Cowboys, Zeke Elliott is not on the market due to his production or any other issue like that, merely a cap casualty that was escalated to the emergence of Tony Pollard.

Elliott won't turn 28 until July, so there definitely is reason to believe there is still juice in his legs. Elliott has been a thousand-yard rusher in three of his last five seasons and totaled 876 just last year. His early years were fogged by severe fumble issues, but after fumbling six in 2020, he has put just one on the ground over the last two seasons. Zeke carries a lot more name weight than he does anything else, but he would be a great option for the Broncos on a one-year deal. Zeke, much like McKinnon, is a difference-maker in the passing game.

Despite only logging 92 receiving yards last year, he averaged around 300 receiving yards in the previous six, including seasons as high as 567 receiving yards. Elliott likely does not have much left in the tank beyond the 2023 season, but if that is the case, the Broncos should be pretty high on the list of teams trying to secure his services for the 2023 season.