4 Denver Broncos whose roster spots are in trouble after the Draft

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4. Lloyd Cushenberry III, C

This one could prove to be my hottest of takes but I think there's a chance that Lloyd Cushenberry III's job and roster spot could be in jeopardy after the 2023 NFL Draft. The Broncos obviously used their final pick in the 2023 NFL Draft on center/guard Alex Forsyth, a player who saw time at both guard positions early on in his college career before finally settling in at center.

The Broncos brought in Kyle Fuller in free agency -- the center, not the cornerback -- and he figures to at least compete for playing time given the struggles we've seen from Cushenberry in his first few NFL seasons.

Cushenberry has been penciled in as the starting center since the Broncos passed on free agents at the position (despite a very team-friendly market there), but he may be getting his name put in the starting lineup with a Sharpie by a lot of folks after the Broncos passed on top-tier centers in this draft.

But did they?


Some people liked Alex Forsyth as the best center in this draft, but I digress.

The Broncos drafted Forsyth this year and Luke Wattenberg last year. I honestly don't think either of those guys can be counted out if there is a legitimate competition at the center position this offseason, but time will tell. The Broncos may not have brought in a center with one of their top picks or with some of their primary free agent dollars like people had hoped for, but they did bring guys in who can play and I think that could spell a little doom for Cushenberry unless he puts things together in training camp.

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