4 Denver Broncos whose roster spots are in trouble after the Draft

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2. Albert Okwuegbunam, TE

Well, the clock is running out on Albert Okwuegbunam's time with the Denver Broncos, I'm afraid. Okwuegbunam has shown tremendous athleticism in his three seasons with the Denver Broncos when he is able to make plays, but the unfortunate reality is that he's also struggled with drops and he hasn't been able to stay on the field consistently.

Late last season, interim head coach Jerry Rosburg pointed out what everyone was thinking -- with the Broncos having issues scoring points and needing a spark offensively, it made very little sense that a player of Okwuegbunam's talent was a healthy scratch on gamedays. There is no question about the fact that Okwuegbunam's absence from the lineup last year was ridiculous. He should have been playing all year, but the coaching staff was so inept that they blamed Albert O. for literally only passing the ball when he was on the field, creating a tendency that got exposed by the media.

Now entering his fourth NFL season -- and third NFL coaching staff -- I think to say Okwuegbunam faces an uphill battle to make this Broncos roster would be a massive understatement.

The team obviously has Greg Dulcich atop the depth chart right now, but right behind him is new trade acquisition Adam Trautman. Dulcich and Trautman will be taking the lion's share of snaps at tight end and free agent Chris Manhertz will come in as a blocking specialist and effectively, an extra offensive lineman.

The Broncos added a fullback into the mix this year, and they also have Lil'Jordan Humphrey on the roster as a hybrid kind of player who can play a big slot type of role.