4 Denver Broncos players who could have unique roles in Week 1

- A rookie rushing the QB?

- A surprise two-way player?

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3. Kareem Jackson, defensive back

Another player whose Week 1 role is a question mark at this point is safety Kareem Jackson. Listed as a "co-starter" on the Denver Broncos' initial depth chart, I think we can expect Jackson to play a significant role early on but what will that look like?

It seems the Broncos have groomed Caden Sterns to be the primary starter next to Justin Simmons on the back end of their defense this coming season. If Kareem Jackson is going to be playing a substantial number of snaps, that means his role will change drastically.

That would certainly be par for the course as far as Jackson is concerned. It's easy to forget that the Houston Texans used a first-round pick on Jackson in 2010 when he was a cornerback, and that he played that position most of his career. But Jackson has lined up in the nickel, and he's obviously been playing safety for the Broncos the last handful of years.

Going into his fifth season in Denver now, if I could paint the ideal role for Jackson, it would be more consistently floating around in the box or playing in the nickel. Especially with K'Waun Williams out, seeing Jackson play more in the nickel would not be terrible, especially with his physicality and instincts. But I want to see him attacking the line of scrimmage, rushing the passer, and being used as a heat-seeking missile as opposed to hanging back in coverage.

Let the physicality of K-Jack be on full display.