4 defensive backs for the Denver Broncos to target in 2024 NFL Draft

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S - Kamren Kinchens - Miami

Just like his teammate Leonard Taylor III at Miami, Kamren Kinchens was being projected to go in the first round in a lot of mock drafts.

For reasons that are not known, he has taken a dip and can be available on day two of the draft.

Kinchens has the potential to be the best safety out of this draft and the tape shows why. He recorded a 99 coverage grade at free safety via PFF.

Despite having an undersized frame for the position (six feet tall, 203 pounds), Kinchens hits extremely hard. However, his overall strengths come with his athleticism.

Kinchens has excellent range, change of direction, ball skills, versatility, and awareness. He has all the great qualities teams look for in a safety, but the size has been scaring teams away.

The Broncos should not shy away from Kinchens, depending on how the board falls during the draft. He can become the next franchise safety (like how Justin Simmons was) for the Mile High.

S/LB - James Williams - Miami

Another Miami player, safety/linebacker James Williams, makes the list and can be the difference maker for a defense in the playoffs.

Williams has played safety the majority of his football career but scouts have seen him more of a hybrid linebacker in the league. In other words, a similar player to Isaiah Simmons.

Standing at a staggering 6'4 and weighing a little over 230 pounds, his rare size comes at an awe with his freakish athletic ability.

He would be a perfect fit for Denver having to cover tight ends like Travis Kelce and more.

Williams coverage grade as a free safety and playing in the box were 98 and 99 via PFF. He also recorded a 93 coverage grade in the slot.

Personally, I don't know how and why he is not being projected higher in the mock drafts but Denver needs to add Williams to the defense.

The unique ability and size will cause havoc for offenses as he can change the dynamic of the game in an instant.