4 Broncos who should be cut before free agency opens

These Denver Broncos players need to be cut before the 2024 free agency frenzy

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3. DJ Jones, DL

This one might come as a shock, because the Denver Broncos really need help on the defensive line. With continuity on the coaching staff and pass rush specialist Jamar Cain moving over to coach the defensive line, it might make sense for the Broncos to keep some continuity with DJ Jones coming back.

If the Broncos decide to bring Jones back, it would be at a very hefty price.

Jones is already entering the final year of a three-year deal he signed in 2022. He's set to count almost $13 million against the Denver Broncos' salary cap this year, and they could save $9.97 million if they release him. Because Jones is in the final year of his contract, the only adjustments that could be made are an extension or pay reduction. If Jones isn't amenable to either of those things, then he could very well be a cap casualty.

Jones was brought in to help the Denver Broncos' defensive front, specifically with his skills as a run defender. The Broncos ranked 30th in the NFL in total run defense last year and 32nd in yards per carry allowed. Obviously, DJ Jones isn't solely responsible for the Broncos' lack of success against the run, but what can they do with $9.97 million in salary cap savings?

And is that alternative better than having DJ Jones for almost $13 million?