4 Broncos who should be cut before free agency opens

These Denver Broncos players need to be cut before the 2024 free agency frenzy

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2. Tim Patrick, WR

There is a chance that we could see the Denver Broncos and Tim Patrick part ways in the coming days, although I tend to think that if Patrick is cut, it will merely be procedural before he's brought back on a cheaper contract.

Patrick is about to enter the final year of a three-year deal he signed with the Broncos near the end of the 2021 season. That contract was worth $11.5 million in guarantees at signing and $18.5 million in total guarantees. Most of that was paid out over the first two seasons and now Patrick is set to account for $15.57 million against the salary cap with a possibility of $9.5 million in savings if he's released.

The Broncos could find some common ground with Patrick, bring him back on a cheaper deal, and see if he can stay healthy this coming season.

I haven't spoken to the Broncos or Patrick about this, but here's something that would make a lot of sense to me. The Broncos paid Patrick his guaranteed money from 2022-23. Patrick wasn't able to be on the field to help the team. He's already done a couple of adjustments to the contract to help out the Broncos salary cap-wise, and I think he could adjust the deal again in 2024 in order to do right by the team and honor that contract he signed.

From the Broncos' side of things, it wouldn't be surprising if some type of deal with Patrick was already in the works. But getting that $9.5 million in savings -- at a minimum -- is going to be important in this instance.