4 bold predictions for the Denver Broncos in Week 4 vs. the Chicago Bears

- Russell Wilson going off?

- Defense rebounding?

- Broncos getting back on track in Week 4?

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2. Denver's defense rebounds, holds Chicago to under 24 points

I would have wanted to be 100 miles within the Denver Broncos' facility during this week's game prep. I'm sure it was a pretty rough place to be initially. Well, Denver had arguably the worst defensive performance in NFL history in Week 3, giving up the second-most points in a game in the history of the league.

This was one of those instances where a firing would have been perfectly reasonable. Somehow, last week's game felt much worse than when the Broncos got embarrassed by the Los Angeles Rams on Christmas Day in 2022. Well, the one thing that I'll say about this defense is that it's littered with veterans who have been in the league for a while. If there's anyone who can simply erase a game from memory and move on, it's a Sean Payton-coached team and veteran players.

I could be totally wrong here, but this same defense has played excellent football before, so it's not like playing well in Week 4 would be new to them. I have faith that this unit can at least play average football and hold the worst offense in the NFL to less than 24 points. The Bears' offense is bad, folks.

Of course, if you think the Broncos' defense can make the Bears' offense look great, I would not blame you, but I just think this unit has a "get right" game against Justin Fields and Bears' OC, Luke Getsy.