4 biggest winners (and 2 losers) from Broncos OTAs and minicamp in 2024

The biggest winners (and losers) from Broncos OTAs and minicamp
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Broncos winner: Lucas Krull, tight end

One of the biggest breakout stories of offseason activities for the Broncos this year is tight end Lucas Krull. Of course, the legend of Lucas Krull has been growing now for nearly a year. This is a player who led all NFL tight ends in last year's preseason both in receptions and receiving yards. The Broncos plucked him away from the Saints, and he got a crash course of the Sean Payton offense while on the practice squad.

The Broncos got him ready to play in the second half of last season, and the impact he made in a very limited amount of time with very limited touches was intriguing. Sean Payton was gushing over him at OTAs:

"I thought he’s had a good week. I said, ‘If you didn’t notice, everyone in the media was looking down at their rosters to see who [No.] 85 was.’ I said, ‘Someday soon, they’re going to know who 85 is.’ He’s looking sharp."

Sean Payton

Krull is in line to potentially become this team's TE1 this season.

Broncos loser: Riley Dixon, punter

The Broncos made the move to sign former Chicago Bears punter Trenton Gill this offseason, which would seemingly put punter Riley Dixon on the hot seat. Even though the salary cap savings would be small, the Broncos could move on from Dixon for the younger Gill, a former 7th-round pick of the Bears.

It's not a guarantee that Dixon will lose his job, but you didn't see the Broncos bring in competition for kicker Wil Lutz or long snapper Mitchell Fraboni. It feels like if any specialist is on the hot seat this offseason, it's Dixon.