4 biggest winners (and 2 losers) from Broncos OTAs and minicamp in 2024

The biggest winners (and losers) from Broncos OTAs and minicamp
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Broncos winner: Jaleel McLaughlin, running back

It's nearly impossible to peg offseason "winners" at the running back position when there are no pads, but Jaleel McLaughlin was undoubtedly a winner at Broncos OTAs and minicamp. He consistently put his speed and explosiveness on display, and gave us one of the best quotes of the offseason so far:

McLaughlin has added a little bit of weight to his frame to be able to hold up better with more touches over the course of the season. He's continually asking for more work. People who observed training camp seemed to come to the consensus that, out of every back on the roster, he looked the best out there.

The second-year back is poised to make a big impact this season. The Broncos gave him just over 100 total touches as a rookie, which is pretty amazing for an undrafted rookie. This coming season, don't be shocked to see McLaughlin eclipse 200 total touches

Broncos winner: Ja'Quan McMillian, cornerback

Another big winner for the Denver Broncos this offseason has been cornerback Ja'Quan McMillian. The third-year player out of East Carolina really emerged last season for the Broncos in the slot where he replaced Essang Bassey.

McMillian loaded up the stat sheet in 2023, piling up 51 total tackles, seven tackles for loss, three quarterback hits, two sacks, five passes defensed, two forced fumbles, and a pair of interceptions. Now, the Broncos might be entrusting him with even more responsibility...

The word out of Broncos offseason activities is that McMillian is not just in line to potentially play the slot again this season, but he could start at outside corner opposite Pat Surtain II. And if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

Whoever is playing cornerback opposite Surtain is going to be targeted more than 100 times this coming season. Which player currently on the roster would you most trust with that volume of targets coming their way?