4 big changes Denver Broncos should make on defense for Week 5

A win in Week 4 was great, but the Denver Broncos defense still has some serious issues.

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4. Sign a veteran safety

Kareem Jackson is no good. Delarrin Turner-Yell is no good. Caden Sterns is out for the year, but both Justin Simmons and PJ Locke could potentially come back in Week 5. Well, perhaps instead of signing a veteran safety, the Broncos should consider making JL Skinner active for gamedays.

Or, they should sign a veteran safety. Eric Rowe is a name that comes to mind. I don't know man, I guess any safety who has had some semblance of production recently is probably someone the Denver Broncos should look at. I mean, they allowed 148 touchdowns over the last eight quarters. The secondary is pretty bad, but perhaps the return of K'Waun Williams, Justin Simmons, and PJ Locke can give this unit a boost.


I also find it a bit weird that the Denver Broncos did bench Randy Gregory in Week 4, but have not yet benched one of the underperforming DBs. It's just weird to me. Anyway, I think Denver should consider one or more of these changes.

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