3 worst-case scenarios for Denver Broncos in Week 3 vs. Dolphins

- Blowout loss?

- Defense staying down

- Careless with the football?

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3) Turnovers In Bunches... Again

The Broncos have had an effective offense so far in 2023. They rank third in points per drive, are moving the ball well, have a strong run game, and Russell sits in the top 10 in QBR so far this year. The Broncos' offense was explosive in the first half of week one but then disappeared in the second half aside from the hail-mary conversion from Wilson to Brandon Johnson.

However, one of the biggest drive-stallers for the Broncos was the turnovers. Twice during the second and third quarters, the Broncos turned the ball over, once on a Wilson fumble and another time on a Wilson interception.


Both turnovers were killer for the Broncos: the defense was already struggling, and turning the ball over and killing offensive drives gave the defense even less wiggle room, and gave themselves more pressure to convert on offensive drives, something they did not do nearly as effectively in the second half. If the Broncos have any chance at pulling off a sizable upset in week three, they need to dominate the time of possession and win the turnover battle.

That being said, freely handing this explosive Miami offense the ball will all but ensure a loss in week three, dropping the team to 0-3 and letting the season start to slip away.

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