3 worst-case scenarios for Denver Broncos in Week 3 vs. Dolphins

- Blowout loss?

- Defense staying down

- Careless with the football?

Denver Broncos
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2) Defense Gets Destroyed

Let's embrace some honesty: the Broncos' defense has been bad in the first two weeks. Their 17-point total in week one didn't seem bad, but considering the fact that the Raiders only had 7 possessions and did not record a single sack, 17 points is misleading. They had a few key penalties in that game and did again the next week against Washington.

The Broncos' defense played well in the first half and made life uncomfortable for Sam Howell, but Howell then dominated the second half, playing very comfortably.

The Broncos figure to be without Justin Simmons in week three due to injury, meaning they are now without one of their starting corners, and both of their starting safeties. We are yet to see Riley Moss, and Damarri Mathis has struggled and performed as one of the worst corners in football through two weeks. Essang Bassey has played well, but between him, Kareem Jackson, and Pat Surtain, the Dolphins just have too many weapons for a depleted and struggling Broncos secondary.

This might be the rare game where the Broncos score 25+ points and still get blown out.