3 ways Russell Wilson can get revenge on Broncos in 2024

The relationship between Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos could get ugly

Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos
Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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3. Russell Wilson could sign with the...Raiders

One of the biggest ways Russell Wilson can try to get revenge on the Denver Broncos in 2023? Well, he could sign with one of their biggest division rivals.

And despite the fact that the Raiders don't currently have a solidified situation for 2024 at head coach, I think Russell Wilson does make a little bit of sense there. I could also talk myself into the Raiders honestly just being a horrendous fit for Russell Wilson, so there are two sides to this one.

But for the purposes of getting some revenge on the Broncos, why not? Wilson would presumably have Davante Adams there in Las Vegas barring any big changes. He would have an improved defense to lean on as well as a strong running game behind him.

The Raiders do have Aidan O'Connell who has played some solid football this season as a rookie, and I think they could stick with him as the option for 2024, but the idea of getting a ticked off Russell Wilson at around $1.2 million is likely going to appeal to a lot more teams than Broncos Country may anticipate at this point.


I do think there's some "wait and see" with this idea based on the Raiders' coaching situation, but it's possible that Las Vegas could end up becoming one of the top few destinations for Wilson if he hits free agency, and he could try to stick it to the Broncos twice next year.

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