3 ways Russell Wilson can get revenge on Broncos in 2024

The relationship between Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos could get ugly

Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos
Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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2. Russell Wilson could refuse a trade

Russell Wilson has a no-trade clause in his contract, and could get some measure of revenge against the Broncos for this whole fiasco by refusing any trade, even to a team he might want to go to.

The Broncos might try to facilitate a trade with Wilson to get as much value as they possibly can, or even to just lessen the blow a little bit when it comes to getting him off the books, but they might have a hard time finding takers for that.

Any trade would likely require Wilson to adjust his contract, and why should he be willing to do that after getting benched by the Broncos? Just like it was well within his rights to refuse to push back the injury guarantee, it's well within his rights to refuse a trade to any team.

And this is something I definitely think you can take off the table for the most part. Of course, you never say never when it comes to the NFL offseason, but I don't think Wilson is going to help the Broncos out by facilitating a trade. He will most likely want to maximize his value in free agency.