3 ways Broncos pass rush is winning without huge sack totals

The Denver Broncos' pass rush is staying effective despite not having huge sack totals...But how?

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3) Making Mahomes Improvise

Usually, Patrick Mahomes is able to improve better than any other quarterback in the NFL. However, week eight was not a typical week. Mahomes was under the weather with the flu, and the Denver weather had its fair share of impacts on the conditions for the game.

Mixing the flu with being in the Denver weather, sitting around freezing, is not a good mix. The Broncos did a great job making Mahomes move, getting him out of the pocket, and improvising. Typically, Mahomes excels out of the pocket. However, that was not the case on Sunday.


Mahomes was unable to make any magic or a new signature play out of the pocket. He was able to find a safety blanket or receiver on the sidelines a few times, but overall, the Broncos were able to remain with the quarterback and limit big plays Mahomes was picked and sacked outside of the pocket and was also unable to find receivers downfield due to strong coverage. For once for the Broncos, making Mahomes improvise worked wonders. He was able to step up, out, or roll out, but the big plays and improvision opportunities were bare.

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