3 way too early 2025 NFL Draft targets for the Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos have a few obvious needs beyond 2024.
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The 2024 NFL Draft was just recently completed, but it's clear that the Denver Broncos have a few needs for the 2025 NFL Draft. Next offseason could be a time where the Broncos are able to go all-in, which would feature them being extremely aggressive in improving the roster. If 2024 does go well, the direction of this franchise changes forever.

The team isn't without a few needs, though, and while the 2024 NFL Draft just ended, the Broncos do have some clear needs for the 2025 NFL Draft. Which three positions should Denver have on their radar for next year's draft?

3 way too early 2025 NFL Draft targets for the Denver Broncos

Left Tackle

Denver Broncos stud left tackle Garett Bolles has just one more year left on his deal and would hit the free agency market in 2025 if the team didn't do anything from now until then. After a horrid start to his career, Bolles has been solid since the 2020 NFL Season. Bolles would be entering his age-33 season in 2025, which is crazy to think.

But he did enter the NFL several years older than most players. The age is a concern, but he's still his normal athletic self, so it might be wise for the Broncos to extend him through 2025 at least. However, even if Bolles is extended, the team does have a clear long-term need at the position, especially if Denver plans on getting out of Mike McGlinchey's contract as soon as they can.