3 veterans the Denver Broncos should keep at NFL trade deadline

Which veterans should the Broncos hang on to at the NFL trade deadline?

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2) Courtland Sutton

Courtland Sutton, who has been a Bronco since being the 40th overall selection in the 2018 draft, is signed to remain in Denver for two more years. Sutton has been a constant in multiple years of offensive turnover in Denver. In 70 NFL games, Sutton has brought in 260 receptions for 3,716 yards and 17 touchdowns. Sutton began his career bringing in catches from Joe Flacco and lining up across the line from Emmanuel Sanders and is now the second option under Sean Payton's offense.

Sutton, much like Simmons, has embraced Denver and has become a fan favorite. Sutton just turned 28 on October 10th and still has multiple years in his prime ahead of him. Sutton, if he stays in Denver, figures to be a part of the Broncos' offensive plans through the end of his contract.

Moving Sutton would open up some playing time for other receivers on the Broncos, but his contract might be too much to move. Sutton is signed through 2025 and is slated to make roughly $13 million annually in 2024 and 2025, with some savings but nothing crazy if he is cut. Considering the Broncos are also likely to move on from fellow wideout Jerry Jeudy, it might make more sense to hang onto Sutton than Jeudy.

Jeudy will net a larger return than Sutton, and is on a controlled cost for the next season and a half; a smaller price tag than Sutton. If the Broncos move on from Jeudy, keeping Sutton would also help alleviate some of the pressure on younger receivers like Marvin MIms to immediately perform as a number one option. The Broncos could also revisit moving Sutton down the road, considering he is under contract for two more seasons.