3 Veteran QBs who could start for Broncos if Russell Wilson leaves

Which veteran QBs could be bridges if Russell Wilson is gone in 2024?
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3) Drew Lock

Hello, old friend. Lock is still just 26, and could be an option for the Broncos if they are looking for a bridge quarterback or a signal caller with time left on their development clock. Lock has spent the past few years in Seattle backing up Geno Smith after the Seahawks and Broncos swapped assets in the spring of 2022.

Lock lost the starting job before the 2022 season to Geno Smith, and Smith never looked back. Lock has served as the backup to Smith for the last two years, but his success in limited time in Seattle and in his time in Denver, his pedigree as a second-round pick, and the fact that he is still fairly young could all help Lock find a new home with a chance as a starter.


Another interesting component of this would be pairing Drew Lock with Sean Payton. Payton has helped multiple quarterbacks find their footing and play better football, including the likes of Jameis Winston, Drew Brees, Teddy Bridgewater, and he has Russell Wilson playing at a far better level than he was last year.

Lock is still raw with a big arm and good mobility, but poor decision-making. Lock's struggles were compounded by a rotating door of offensive staff, a few injuries, and the team moving on from him for a veteran with no upside in his final year. A Lock reunion in Denver, but this time with a strong quarterback staff, could go well for all parties involved. Time to hop back on the Lock Bandwagon!

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