3 unexpected moves the Broncos can make in 2024

The Denver Broncos can really make some noise in 2024.

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I think the Denver Broncos can really put themselves in prime position in 2024 with a strong free agency and NFL Draft class. What are three unexpected moves they can make next offseason? Right now, the Broncos need to make some moves in order to give themselves some breathing room with their cap space in 2024.

The Broncos also have a first-round pick in 2024. Yeah, it's been a while since they had that, right? Well, as it stands right now, I do think the Broncos can have a strong offseason, and I think Sean Payton is going to continue to put his mark on the franchise as the person with the final say on the roster.

Can the Denver Broncos get crazy next offseason with their moves? Let's highlight three unexpected moves Denver can make in 2024.

3 unexpected moves the Broncos can make in 2024
Unexpected Move #1: Broncos make a HUGE move at wide receiver

I do not think Jerry Jeudy is going to be on the team in 2024 barring an insane finish to the 2023 NFL Season. Jeudy and the Broncos probably just need a fresh start away from each other. And that's fine. Jeudy was a first-round pick back in 2020 and has flashed his potential here and there. Well, the Broncos will move on from Jeudy in 2024.

And in doing so, they will also make a huge move for a wide receiver, pairing him with Courtland Sutton. As we can see in 2023 for the Broncos, the wide receivers aren't necessarily a focal point of the offense, as the team is very much a run-first offense and the receivers seem to be more complimentary, so I don't think Denver would view WR as too big of a need, but still a need nonetheless.

The top wide receiver free agent right now is Mike Evans. Heck, why not throw a bag at Evans, the future Hall of Famer? Offense is the name of the game in the NFL, and the Broncos could have a spot waiting for Evans.