3 underrated things Broncos must do to win games in 2023

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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Three underrated things Broncos must do to win games in 2023
3. Play complimentary football

Again, this might be obvious to some, but not something I've seen a ton of people talking about much this offseason. Complimentary football can come in many different ways. One way that has stuck out to me with the Broncos over the last few seasons relates to their offense and defense.

Last year especially, it felt like any time the Broncos' offense was able to put together a decent outing for once, the defense would let the team down. Conversely, any time the defense would do cartwheels and keep the opposition to little offensive output, the offense wouldn't be able to come through.

The most frustrating part of this last year was indeed the defense, honestly. The offense was able to have a small handful of competent productive games, and for whatever reason, the defense seemed to not follow suit.


A few examples of the defense not holding up their end of the bargain would be the two-minute drills to end out first halves of games. I remember quite a few scenarios last year where the opposition would easily drive down the field against the Broncos defense to end out the first half, and it felt like it was too easy.

What needs to happen for Denver to win games in 2023 is, well, them playing complimentary football. If the offense is having a great day and scoring 30+ points, it's up to the defense to hold their own, and vise versa.

This is an easy process to talk about and type, but something that the Broncos failed at in 2022.

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