3 underrated moves the Denver Broncos can still make in 2023

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There likely won't be many more big-time moves made by NFL teams this offseason, but the Denver Broncos can still make a few very underrated moves before week one. Sometimes, it's the moves that go unnoticed that have bigger impacts than the moves that make the headlines.

The Broncos did make headlines earlier this offseason with their heavy free agency spending. Their two biggest moves came along the offensive line, signing both Ben Powers and Mike McGlinchey, two very good linemen. They excel at run-blocking and will help the Broncos establish the run in 2023.

The Broncos do have a good roster. I think it's one of the better ones in the NFL. There really isn't a ton they can do to drastically improve their current projected starting lineup. However, could they make a few underrated moves before week one kicks off?

3 underrated moves the Denver Broncos can still make in 2023

1. Boosting the interior offensive line depth

The primary backups along the interior offensive line are Quinn Bailey, Luke Wattenberg, and Kyle Fuller. Yuck. Fuller is a fine backup, but Bailey and Wattenberg are unproven at best. The Broncos did bring back Cameron Fleming, who is slated to be the primary swing tackle. That was a very good move by the team.

However, they could benefit to add to their interior offensive line depth, just in case. Someone that comes to mind is Gabe Jackson, who has played for both the Raiders and Seahawks and has started a whopping 130 games since entering the league in 2014. He's a solid guard; he used to be among the league's best, but he's taken a step back since those days.

However, he brings a ton of starting experience and would be a lovely addition along the interior just in case Ben Powers, Lloyd Cushenberry, or Quinn Meinerz needed to miss time. He turns 32 in a couple of days, so it's not like he's old.

I'd love to see a cheap, high-reward addition like this.