3 under the radar trade candidates for Denver Broncos

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3. Jarrett Stidham, QB

Yes, the man Sean Payton claimed was "an ascending player" and one that they'd like to develop should be on the block. Let me explain why.

When Stidham was signed this past March, the idea was that he was a "backup with good upside," one that could possibly replace Wilson as the starter this season (if things didn't go well). Well, through five games, Russell Wilson looks to have found much of his old form. With a 66.9 completion % and an 11/2 TD/INT ratio, Wilson is playing like a Pro Bowl-caliber passer. That alone is enough reason to diminish Stidham's prospects as a potential starter for the team.

Add in the fact that his former team, the New England Patriots, has a glaring issue at the position, making this trade prospect more tantalizing. As a fourth-round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, Stidham was considered the likely successor to Tom Brady. Things did not go according to plan, as Stidham would eventually be benched for Cam Newton and Mac Jones in successive seasons. He would eventually be traded to old friend Josh McDaniels in Las Vegas, where he performed well against the 49ers last season. Stidham had another stellar performance in the preseason finale against the Los Angeles Rams but has been relegated to the sidelines since then.

With Wilson's resurrected play and New England's issues under center, returning Stidham's services to his maiden team would make sense. He has another year of contractual control and New England would have a familiar passer in place. With this move, The Broncos would save roughly $4 million in cap space next season. Again, this may come with a ceiling of a late-round pick, but with where the team stands going into next year's draft, ANY pick added to our bundle is a plus.

The fact that the Broncos have Ben DiNucci on their Practice Squad makes this move even more plausible. The third-string QB presented a legitimate challenge to Stidham for the backup job, and given his experience playing in several pro leagues, he's a guy you can trust being the backup for the rest of the season.

With Wilson's play and the likelihood of the team being in a position to pick high in the upcoming draft (one that's supposed to be bright with QB talent), it makes little sense to keep Stidham.


And there you have it. Three under-the-radar players that the Broncos should consider trading. Now, the likelihood of these three getting moved is hard to gauge, but they are players that I believe should be shopped. This team appears to be heading for a "complete teardown" and if that assumption turns out to be true, trading any possible asset should be on the table. Every dollar that can be saved and recouped with a pick or player should be considered.

One thing looks to be certain- Broncos Country should buckle up for yet another active off-season for the team.

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