3 under the radar trade candidates for Denver Broncos

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2. Lloyd Cushenberry

Coming into a contract year, Lloyd Cushenberry looked like a man fighting for his NFL life. With a new coaching staff in town, there was little loyalty to the fourth-year man. He also faced some competition in the form of journeyman Kyle Fuller (who had starting experience with Russell Wilson in Seattle), and 7th-round rookie Alex Forsyth. Cushenberry came out on top in camp, solidifying his place as the starting center for the Broncos. So far, he's done a decent job adjusting to the Sean Payton offense.

Lost in the chatter about the rest of the offensive line, Cushenberry has quietly been a competent starter through five games. Has he been perfect (or good, for that matter)? Not really. Nobody says he's prime for a contract extension, but he has been playing better than he did in his early years. With his play seemingly ascending and in the middle of a contract year, perhaps it would be wise to shop his services.

With 12 games remaining on his rookie deal, the timing of a trade could be coming. With rookie Alex Forsyth and second-year man Luke Wattenberg behind him, it might be time to give one of them the lead snaps and see if either can solidify that position for the foreseeable future. Also, teams might be competing and needing a capable center.

The reality for the Broncos is, will you give a second contract to a player this regime didn't draft, or will you see what you have in players that you did select? If they know the answer to that question and are ready to move forward, then it would be wise to see Cushenberry's value on the market.