3 trades that would be huge mistakes for the Denver Broncos

Sayre Bedinger
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3. Trading Garett Bolles without a clear replacement or top 50 pick

The idea of trading Garett Bolles has been all but shoved out the window, it seems. I don't think this is happening and I don't think the Denver Broncos really want to try and replace that many starters on their offensive line. With that being said, the idea of trading him has been floating around out there, so we've got to touch on it.

If the Broncos were to trade Bolles, it would be a huge mistake to do so without a top 50 pick in tow or a clear replacement in NFL Free Agency. And right now, who is out there besides Orlando Brown Jr.?

I say a top 50 pick because at picks 67 and 68 in the third round of this year's NFL Draft, you can't bank on getting a starting left tackle. Not after the way the offensive line play really destroyed your offensive gameplans in 2022. With a top 50 pick? Well, in that case, you might be able to get a player that could start from day one.

That's certainly not a guarantee, but if you trade Garett Bolles, you're obviously selling low. He's coming off of an injury this past season so that certainly doesn't help. Keeping Bolles, even at his current (high) salary, is probably the best bet for the Broncos unless they can move some of that money around into future years.

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