3 trade proposals for Jerry Jeudy the Broncos can't refuse

What trade offers for Jerry Jeudy would be too good for the Broncos to pass on?

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3. Jerry Jeudy to the Buffalo Bills

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The exact same trade as the San Francisco one, but to a different team. The Buffalo Bills are in a unique position right now because it doesn't feel like they are clicking on all cylinders, and they might be more excited about trading for a cornerback after the Tre'Davious White injury.

But Jerry Jeudy could help their offense both now and into the future. The Bills have had some drama with Stefon Diggs recently. Even if that's all water under the bridge, they still have Gabe Davis hitting free agency in 2024 and they could kick that can down the road by trading for Jeudy, who could give them a ton of weapons now and be their WR2 after Davis leaves in free agency.

The Bills have a ton of draft capital for 2024 right now, including multiple projected picks in the third round. This trade would not hinder them really in any way. For the Broncos, once again it would be about getting back into the second round. The Broncos need NFL Draft assets and if they can move a player like Jerry Jeudy, who seemingly hasn't been the right fit, then perhaps it would be worth their while to do so.


What would be really interesting about this? The Broncos' first game after the NFL trade deadline is a road matchup in Buffalo. Jeudy would have a chance to play against Denver almost immediately.

On the other hand, Jeudy being in Buffalo could help the Bills beat Kansas City in the playoffs, which would be another potential win for the Broncos.

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