3 trade destinations for Courtland Sutton after news of voluntary workout absence

Should the Denver Broncos trade Sutton at this point?
Denver Broncos
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3. Courtland Sutton to the Buffalo Bills


If there is any team needing serious WR help, it's the Buffalo Bills, who no longer have Stefon Diggs or Gabe Davis in the picture. Diggs was traded to the Houston Texans and Davis signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars. For the Bills, their WR1 is Curtis Samuel. And heck, even former Broncos draft bust KJ Hamler is in that room, too.

Again with two mid-round picks, the Broncos restock their draft cupboard a bit. Now, if you're reading this and thinking that these last two offers were not enough for Sutton, consider this:

To an extent, Jeudy and Sutton bring the same amount of production to an offense. Jeudy is a bit younger, too, and got traded for a 5th and 6th-round pick. With Sutton wanting a new deal, getting around that $20 million per year mark, which is about what Jeudy got, makes sense. I don't think Denver is going to get a huge return for Sutton at all.


But a couple of mid-rounders is probably a better path for the Denver Broncos to take instead of extending him. Denver did sign WR Josh Reynolds in free agency, and even with Sutton in the picture, the team still needed more help at WR. Could the Denver Broncos trade Courtland Sutton, draft a couple of WRs in the NFL Draft, and perhaps even add another body late in free agency? I think so.

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