3 trade destinations for Courtland Sutton after news of voluntary workout absence

Should the Denver Broncos trade Sutton at this point?
Denver Broncos
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2. Courtland Sutton to the New England Patriots


The New England Patriots offense might be the least-talented unit in the NFL. Courtland Sutton would be a nice boost to their WR room and perhaps could be had for a couple of mid-round picks. Getting two picks back for Sutton would give the Denver Broncos 10 draft picks, which also gives them more capital to potentially make a move up the draft board.

With the Patriots also having cap space, they could likely afford to pay Sutton whatever he's desiring on an extension. He'd also likely have a great shot at being the first option in the passing game, and if Jacoby Brissett ends up being their bridge QB for the entire season, Sutton could get a fair share of run in the offense, as Brissett is a fine QB.

There really is nothing wrong with sending Sutton to another AFC team. He's a low-end WR1 and isn't going to worry the Broncos if they had to go up against him. I think it'd be a much different story if the team was set to trade Patrick Surtain II, but Sutton turns 29 this season and isn't an elite threat, but definitely has a unique skillset that offenses covet.